BEING HUMAN: How to be perfect in your imperfection.

I have ever logged before. This is my first.

My main issue with blogging is explicit egocentricity of it. It somewhat audaciously assumes that you have something you want to share with the world, something that you are knowledgeable about, and others are not. Then I realised the wonderful and brilliant truth of this; as a human being, every one of us interacts with, approaches, and interprets the world around us differently. We’re all just searching for a way to muddle through the overwhelming sensory avalanche that is life, with a clobbered-together perception of what is right or wrong based on our own journey so far, and a set of moral compasses which are set to alternating ideas of ‘North’. Some have a clear idea on destination, whereas others are gazing at the skies and enjoying the journey. Others may be lost temporarily, seeking a direction alone, a destination still too lofty a concept to fathom. Others still may be lost permanently, but if their journey can be offered some light and adventures, then maybe that isn’t the big problem we initially consider it to be?
Armed with this knowledge, it became clear how I should approach blogging. I am a life coach, and a Personal Trainer. I help others gain courage, perspective, motivation, determination… And try to make their now, the focus of their life. My primary motto, which I will happily share with anyone listening (and many not) is to “live for the day, plan for the future”. The two are important, and not mutually exclusive of each other as can so often be assumed; I like to remind myself of this to ensure that I am in the present every day.

Another saying I’m often wont to brandishing is that “you are the author of your own destiny”. We’ve all heard it, but it’s core essence is often overlooked, probably because we don’t like to hear that we can change the crappy situation that we’re in. Through my time working with the most dire of people in the most dire of situations (we’ll come to the former at some point!), I have seen a lot of evidence that, as a species, we have a terrible disposition, a programming, towards negativity and depression. Maybe it’s that it is easier to find the negatives? Anyone can do that. Easy. The real challenge for a significant amount of human beings, is finding the positives, regaining that child-like wonder at the world, and reprogramming the brain to seek out the positives, over the default setting of “crap-tinted-goggles”.

People hear that ‘happiness is a choice’, and if you are unhappy, it is the hardest thing to hear. But as one of life’s unbearable ‘transformed pessimists’, I can vouch that this is true. Further to this, I have seen the evidence in others. Change, development and growth are all on-going processes for any human being. Being open to it is the first stage. If you are, my blogs will be for you. If you are happy with yourself and already know everything, then this blog is also, definitely, for you. If you’re bored and looking for some light instructional reading on being yourself? Also for you. Basically, if you’re human, it’s very likely this blog will be for you. But I also know that not everyone will like it… Because we’re human, after all.

Being human is not just about having the answers, it’s not just about leading, following, learning, teaching. Nor is it a concept of success or style or gender or religion or anything else. It’s about embracing your own vessel for all of this; and revelling in your own beautiful imperfection. Because where our quirky, weird, mixed-up species is involved, we’re all beautifully, perfectly imperfect.

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