Guess who’s back, back again…

No, no one Shady, just me.

After writing my last blog, I actually started listening to myself. Turns out I can come out with some quite sensible stuff, who knew?!

After quitting PT-ing in March 2020 on account of not even being able to walk upstairs, and spending almost three years feeling sorry for myself about how I’ve changed, I’ve finally made some psychological progress and realised that I can still train people.

Yep, I’m still wobbly. Yep, I’m also still shaky. Yep, I’m still suffering from fatigue. Yep, I’m still under the long Covid team and recieving support… And no, I’m not the superwoman I once was (as I now realise) but also no… none of these are an excuse not to go back to helping others. So there. Sounds very obvious, but -as mentioned – it’s taken nearly three years to find that conclusion.

In January I’m going to be starting back with a gym, and I can’t wait. I’ve been reading up on fatigue, and going to a long Covid support group, where they discussed the different types of fatigue. I’d realised whilst in Jamaica (where I wrote the last blog) that I had more energy, when I was away from 9-6 stress (I’d returned to work as a Senior Probation Officer whilst physically depleted). I realise now that this job was as draining, if not more-so, as working as a Personal Trainer, and with less associated positive outcomes generally!

There are four different types of fatigue, it transpires… Physical (the obvious one), mental, cognitive and sensory. Whilst I was sitting down all day, the sensory, cognitive and mental fatigue in my day job were extremely high. Being on holiday finally allowed me to switch these off – or at least dial them down, and I found out that oh! I had more energy to do physical, fun stuff. Like wakeboarding. And swimming. And snorkeling. And kayaking. And paddleboarding. And pedalow-ing. Who knew?! Clearly not me. It was this realisation that led to me deciding that I would take the plunge -in the middle of a financial crisis- and drop my job with a pension and sick pay etc, in favour of self-employed work as a PT.

If that makes you think I’m slightly bonkers, you may be on to something. But you know what? We can always find reasons to delay the moves we find scary, it’s finding the reasons to do it that is hardest. Yes, I’m terrified, but I’m also excited, exhilarated and damn well motivated to get going. And I’ll apply my own advice- the Three D’s: Determination, Dedication and Discipline. Going to being self-employed I’ll need all three to make this work, but I have no doubt that it will.

So… who’s along for the ride?!

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