International Online Personal Training and Life Coaching.

Who am I?

I am a Personal Trainer.

I changed my life from humble beginnings and being stuck in a job I did not enjoy, to living half the year in the French Alps, indulging in my passion for Winter sports, and working as a Fitness Instructor, spin instructor & Personal Trainer. I work as a Personal Trainer and also deliver HIIT, spin, boxing, Tabata, Ladies Only and Circuit training in the South London area during the summer. I snowboard all Winter and continue supporting and motivating my clients online. Please contact me directly if you are a gym manager interested in my classes.

I have worked for the National Probation Service in the United Kingdom for many years as a Probation Officer and Senior Probation Officer, motivating individuals in varying circumstances to make and sustain significant changes in their lives. These include, but are not limited to: drug and alcohol addictions, anger management, improving self esteem and achieving personal goals. Further to this I have undertaken NLP and CBT training, and assisted a multitude of people to make and sustain changes in their lives to enable them to reach their potential. You only have one life, so right now is a good time to start living it.

In my personal life, I have completed the London Marathon, completed an Ironman 70.3 challenge, learnt to snowboard to the level of hiking/ climbing up for pure adrenaline untouched powder drops, learned to play the guitar and speak a second language, written and performed my own songs, and overcome limiting issues holding me back.

I believe that there is nothing that should hold you back. Dream, visualise, and achieve. If I can manage it, you certainly can, so let’s do this together.

I utilise my own unique ‘Triple D’ baseline plan for any changes:

Determination You need to be determined to succeed.

Dedication You need to dedicate to it. If you’re not really bothered, or not really into it, it won’t work. We will find what motivates you, and together we’ll use that to help you dedicate.

Discipline Nothing worth having comes easy! We’ll identify why you want to change, and help you to find the self-discipline you need to achieve your goals.

What are you waiting for?! Let’s do this!

UPDATE: 2022…

So, oops. I got Covid 19, or more like it got me, and it got me good. March 2020 until Nov 2022, I’ve been a shadow of myself- it affected my balance and neurology, and I still struggle with fatigue and wobbles etc, and am under a fabulous long Covid team.

BUT… I’m finally taking my own advice, and getting on with life. Will I struggle a bit? Yup. Will I manage anyway? You betcha.

Now accepting clients for Jan 2023… I’m ready to go, but are you?! Let’s do this together.

#survivers #accept&adapt #recovery

JAN 2023:

CURRENTLY ACCEPTING CLIENTS- Based at Momentum Fitness, Sully.